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Primary Logo

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The Woodless color palette is clean and fresh like the bamboo products it sells. An array of greens and warm neutrals foster a soft and cozy atmosphere. 





Light Bamboo




Dark Bamboo


Bamboo Forest


Icons & Illustration

Soft, cozy illustrations and icons compliment the friendliness of Woodless and enable visual story telling. Each bamboo icon illustrates a value proposition, and the object icons represent product sets and settings. A happy panda represents the environment and communicates the ideal experience using bamboo products. 

Vanilla Pal

Vanilla Pal

Vanilla Pal

Vanilla Pal

Vanilla Pal

Vanilla Pal


Woodless has an online only ordering experience optimized for mobile users. Interactions and actions are within a thumbs reach, reducing frictions for users.

Project Details

San Diego City College
Advanced Digital Media / Portfolio B

Project: E-Commerce Website

Instructors: Sean Bacon, Bradford Prairie



Woodless is designed around Earth and nature. Light neutrals and an array of greens  mimic natural papers. Textured illustrations, patterns, and rounded flowing shapes create a welcoming and soft mood.



Woodless is an e-commerce notebook brand featuring bamboo stationary and household products. Woodless targets productive people and students conscious of environmental consequences aged 18-32.

Brand & Logos

Woodless is a fun and lighthearted e-commerce brand. Woodless sells sustainable bamboo based paper and household products, while attempting to help solve a real environmental issue. 


San Diego City College

Eco-friendly e-commerce. 

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