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Packaging &
Branded Items

Trailhead’s packaging and merchandise are simple and informational. Embellished with simple map icons and topographic pattern pulled from a northern section of the Cascade Mountains. 

Mobile ordering


Trailhead has an app where a customer can save their favorite drinks and order ahead to get their expedition started faster. 

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Secondary Logo




Trailhead is a trail and map inspired coffee brand in the pacific northwest.

San Diego City College

Project Details

San Diego City College
Page Layout / Portfolio A

Project: Menu Project + Portfolio Expansion

Instructors: Sean Bacon, Bradford Prairie


Inspiration for Trailheads logo and typeface selection is drawn from common hiking equipment such as maps and trail signage. Muted greens relate the brand to the mossy woods, dark blues represent the cool, wet climate, and pale yellow recalls weathered trail signs and famous northwest sunsets.


Trailhead is an outdoor-focused coffee shop in Bellingham, Washington. The brand is inspired by the hiking and wilderness culture of the Pacific Northwest. Trailhead targets middle class adventurers ages 21-36 who enjoy spending time on trails and drinking hand crafted coffee.

Color & Type

Trailhead’s visual design is inspired by old forest service maps and trail signs to foster an adventurous mood and make the customer feel like they’re setting out on an adventure. 


Frothed Cream


Sign Yellow


Forest Green


River Blue

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