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Bryan Rude

About the brand

Seattle Children's is inspired by the ocean and the family focused nature of orcas. 




Color & Typography 

Friendly, cool colors evoke a feeling of comfort and professionalism with a touch of warmth with a bright yellow. Type is clean and professional, building trust with parents and donors. 

Scrub Green 


Sea Blue

Sun Yellow

Deep Sea

Let's Create Together

Have an idea for a project, want to work together, or just want to say hi? Reach out and let's talk!

Fast & Friendly​

Seattle Children's lets you find a doctor, view medical records and check into urgent care ahead of arrival. 

All-Digital Brand Guide​

Seattle Children's opts for a digital guidelines to avoid extra papers, and be accessible to everyone who needs to use brand assets. 

Project Details

San Diego City College
Branding & Packaging / Portfolio B

Project: Corporate Rebrand 

Instructors: Sean Bacon, Bradford Prairie, Candice Lopez


To maintain trust and remain tied to the Northwest, the logo keeps an adult and juvenile orca pair. Soft colors promote comfort, while a clean and corporate style word mark instils professionalism and modernism.


Seattle Children’s Hospital is the leading children’s hospital in the Northwest. Seattle Children’s needs to maintain their strong connection with the region and remain trustworthy to parents while comforting children during treatment.

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