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Bryan Rude

Social Media

Rock My Run’s online presence is fragmented and inconsistent.


Our goal was to refresh Rock My Run’s social media accounts by creating a visual language with templates and layouts that better reflect the experience in-app and on the apps website.

Mix Images

Mix image creation is an ongoing project. New playlists (mixes) are created each week which require a cover image. The task is to create an image that represents the mix in terms of genre, era, and theme.

Rock My World

Rock My Run is a fitness music app that features DJ created mixes formulated for running

My responsibilities include: Social Media Images, Blog Images, Music Mix Cover Images, and animation/motion projects. 

I was hired as a graphic design intern in 2018. My relationship with RMW Media has evolved over the years to a longterm contract.


Project Details

Independent / Long-Term Contract

Client/Stakeholder: Rock My World Media
Some projects in collaboration with Orange Theory Fitness, Rock Box Fitness, Mayweather Fitness, Dave Aude, Diplo, Dillon Frances, and more. 

Let's Create Together

Have an idea for a project, want to work together, or just want to say hi? Reach out and let's talk!

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