Email Campaigns 

PureBoost email sets needed a fresh and consistent look to reflect the products. An increase in online shopping during 2020 shows the need for more powerful online and email marketing.

Our task was to work with PureBoost’s design team to create a consistent look and feel for existing and new email campaigns built up of interchangeable modules that can be reused and modified as needed.

Display Ads

PureBoost launched a new line of products called PureBoost Immune. For new e-commerce products advertising is important for consumer awareness.

Display Ads are a great exercise for arranging similar information at different sizes.

Vector Objects

Pureboost needed vector fruit outlines that match each flavors pallet and fruit combinations. These vector objects are used in various graphics and patterns. 


A fresh-focused e-commerce energy drink mix.


Made with Pals

These tasks were completed in collaboration with Your Design Pals and the team at Pureboost. 

Photography, copy, and email strategy provided by Pureboost. All rights reserved.