Image Production

With a refined workflow established, we are able to read through upcoming posts and create subject specific images to accompany each installment of the blog. 

Primed Mind

A meditation and hypnosis app for productive people who want to improve their mindset, mindfulness, and more. 

Made with Pals

These projects were completed in collaboration with Your Design Pals, Assisted Reach, and the Primed Mind team. 

Blog copy provided by Assisted Reach/Primed Mind. All Rights Reserved. 


Blog Images

Primed Mind recently started a blog to help educate potential users about their product and dismiss stereotypes about hypnosis and meditation. 

Studying the existing Primed Mind brand allowed us to draft concepts and lay out a formula to create image sets that look consistent and fit nicely with their style. 

Image Construction

We created templates with a series of adjustment layers, a gradient map, and color overlays to be able to quickly reproduce the same look for multiple images.