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Cans & Labels

The cans are a rich copper color inspired by the metal foil used in spacecraft to protect electrical components. 

The labels are asymmetrical and have color designation for each brew. Every brew has a spicy historical blurb that projects the messaging of the brewery.  

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Project Details

San Diego City College
Branding & Packaging / Portfolio
Project: Beverage Packaging

Instructors: Sean Bacon, Bradford Prairie, Candice Lopez


Inspiration for Kosmonaut is driven by the asymmetrical, simplistic, and textured illustrations of the Soviet Union propaganda. The sharp rectangular and geometric typography of the era is honored with the Korolev font families. Deep reds, yellows, and oranges reinforce the link to Soviet era Russia, and show strength, authority, and achievement.


Kosmonaut is an edgy brewing company in San Diego, California. The brand is inspired by the Soviet Space Agency and the communist history of Russia. Kosmonaut targets beer lovers age 21-36 who are interested in the space race and find humor in satirical portrayals of propaganda.


An out of this world brewery. 

Color & Type

Kosmonaut has a strong, bold color system inspired by classic space posters and spacecraft parts. 


Kosmic Red


Copper Orange


Stellar Yellow


Deep Space Blue

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