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Blindtiger Design

Iron Horse


Project Details

Client: Iron Horse Brewery

Creative Direction: Blindtiger Design

My Rolls



Meet Reuby

Reuby is a brand new reuben mascot I created with Blindtiger to promote an Iron Horse Brewery month long Reuben sandwich eating contest. (Reuben responsibly.)

Reuby The Reuben

St. Paddy's Jake

Jake the Steak was an existing character created by Blindtiger in 2019 for an Iron Horse summer grilling marketing campaign. 

Iron Horse wanted to include Jake in additional campaigns including St. Patricks Day and a Summer 2022 campaign. I was tasked to create new Jake compositions and final illustrations for the St. Patricks Day campaign.  

St. Paddy's Jake

Heel Click Jake

Heel Click Jake - Backwards


Floaty Walter

Summer Jake

IHB’s Summer 2022 Campaign was designed by other Blindtiger team members, including Summer Jake the Steak sketch compositions. My task was to bring these sketches of Jake to life and create final illustrations.*

But wait, 
there's Walter!

Part of the IHB Summer campaign included another brand new character, Walter. I was tasked to bring sketches of Walter to life and polish his poses.*

Diving Board Jake