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Register & Learn

The goal of Drupalcon's website is to inform and drive registrations. DrupalCon brings humans and technology together. To emphasize this, the website focuses on the human experience.   

Color & Type

Each primary color represents a sub-section of the conference. The type treatments are inspired by development and PC terminals while being modern and clean.  


Builder Blue


Electric Yellow


Revision Red


Back-End Blue


Be human, think digital.

Project Details

San Diego City College
Advanced Advanced Typeography/ Portfolio B

Project: Conference Branding

Instructors: Sean Bacon, Bradford Prairie



DrupalCon is segmented into three sub-conferences, each with their own color and shape for differentiation. The typography is simple, best for screens, and is reminiscent of mono typefaces for easy reading on-screen. Red, blue, and yellow differentiate each sub-conference. 



DrupalCon is a developer, agency, and marketing conference centered around Drupal, an enterprise level content management system, in Seattle, Washington. Drupalcon targets industry professionals interested in better understanding Drupal age 35-40. 

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