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Project Details

Client: Dry Dock Brewing

Creative/Art Direction: Blindtiger Design

My Rolls

Brand Design

Packaging Design

Marketing Material Design



Vanilla Pal

Vanilla Pal

Vanilla Pal

Vanilla Pal

Vanilla Pal

Vanilla Pal

Primary Logo

Square Badge

Circle Badge


The packaging for Docktails is designed to intentionally distance itself from beer. A strong but light alternative to enjoy on an outdoor adventure. 

This project was completed for Dry Dock Brewing while employed at Blindtiger Design. Copyrights belong to applicable parties.

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Color System

Docktails has a simple brand color palette, along with a primary color for each flavor to differentiate them.


PMS 3115 C


PMS Black 6 C


Strawberry Basil




Cucumber Lime

Flavor Colors


Docktails is a ready-to-drink cocktail in a can, formulated to compliment your outdoor adventures.

Blindtiger Design

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