The making of Pal

Pal is a custom made mascot for Your Design Pals, A creative collective. 

Getting closer

Pal went though many versions until we landed on the final product. 

Pal's early stages

Your Design Pals is a creative collective made up of Louis Rostro, Parker Anne Poole, and myself.


Pals needed a bright and friendly mascot to help display our kind and welcoming values. 

The many moods of Pal

Each of us has our own version of Pal that represents our specialities. 

Parker has a focus and talent in digital design represented by Pal holding a laptop and wearing glasses. 


Louis especially loves design for print, shown by Pal holding a print magazine. 


And I have a passion for illustration that is portrayed through Pal holding pens.  

Pal also has a few default poses to help communicate his message and mood. 

Additionally, Pal enjoys celebrating holidays by dressing for the occasion. 

Made with Pals

Pal is a collaboration with Your Design Pals.