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Your Design Pals

Contributors: Louis Rostro & Parker Anne

My Roll: Illustrator


Your Design Pals is a creative collective consisting of three independent designers: Louis Rostro, Parker Anne Poole, and myself. We approach each client professionally and strive to be friendly and welcoming. Pals needed a mascot to embody and reflect our values. 


Together we created Pal, A bright and friendly sun who adapts to each use case. We designed Pal to be a visual representation of Pals and the three of us. Pal highlights each of our specialties and helps our clients feel warm and cozy. 

Romantic Pal

Day of The Dead Pal

Festive Pal

Vanilla Pal

Whistling Pal

Waving Pal

Goober Pal


The three of us each have a version of Pal that represents our specialty skills. Print, Digital/web, and illustration. We also claim a color from our Pals palette. 

Print Pal - Louis

Digital Pal - Parker

Doodle Pal - Bryan

Party Pal

Mask Up, Pal!

Caffeinated Pal