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Bryan Rude


Myrtle overseas every zoom meeting and jumps in when necessary. Her and I work closely throughout the day, we even share a desk.. and apparently we also share the keyboar5ei9,c2jqw...

Public Relations


Luna ensures my seat stays warm during mid-day breaks. She also reminds me to feed the team. (Very valuable stuff)

Professional Seat Warmer


Ozzy is a 16 year old beagle mix, but he doesn't look a day over 10. As the senior member of the team he spends most of his day relaxing in his retirement dog bed.  

Fetch Champion


Juneau is a 6 year old boxer mix. She values a clean space and is quick to clean up any food left unattended. 

Food Cleanup


Mack is a 5 year old husky. He's a big advocate of toy happiness and will protect every stuffed duck and hedgehog. 

Toy Control


Minerva is always tending to the plants, they are her passion. She is expedient in handling (eating) any extra growth that may appear to keep them well trimmed and maintained. 

Plant Groomer


Neville is learning how he can help the team. Currently he is taking a lot of naps on the job, and takes his lunch hour very seriously. 


Meet the Team

When working from home became the norm, our family animal companions have played a key role in the creative process. My multitalented team is responsible for ensuring a healthy, safe, and productive working environment. Each is dedicated to their job and produce nothing but the finest results.

I have been working, gaining knowledge, and creating exciting design and illustration work independently and with agencies like Blindtiger, TGD (Ten Gun Design), and Your Design Pals. 

I’ve gained a wide range of skillsets from general graphic design, digital and website design, print and packaging design, brand design, and illustration. 

Being a member of these incredible teams has afforded me the opportunity to work with some amazing companies and organizations like Xbox, Minecraft, Newtopia Cyder, Boise Pride, and a bunch of breweries.  

Have a look at my work and let’s create something amazing together! 

Hi There!

I’m Bryan, a multi-discipline graphic designer and illustrator. 

Let's Create Together

Have an idea for a project, want to work together, or just want to say hi? Reach out and let's talk!

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