Hi there!

I’m Bryan, an independent graphic designer and illustrator based in Northwest Washington state.

I enjoy long walks in the woods and draw a lot of inspiration from nature and the great outdoors.

My time in the Navy taught me the value of diligence and hard work as well as the need for a clear and enjoyable experience online and in print. The look and feel of a product is just as important as its function.

I am always open to new opportunities and projects, let’s work together and create something neat!


Myrtle is dedicated to ensuring work sessions stay productive. She is always on site and ready to literally jump on the keyboard at any time.   

Production Supervisor And Public Relations Advisor


Luna keeps a watchful eye and listening ear to anything that might impact the future stores of food the team needs to stay productive. She tests every food item she sees for quality and texture. 

Sustenance Supplies Manager


Ozzy supervises the exchanges between team members to ensure they maintain a professional, quiet, and productive working environment. He is always quick to bark down any rowdy workplace tussles. 

Employee Behavior Specialist


Juneau is an expert in maintaining security protocols and patrolling the entry points to the workspace. Juneau lives and breathes for the safety of her team members. 

Perimeter Security Coordinator


Mack is sure to alert me of the teams need for consistent outdoor breaks, as mandated by the government. He also maintains positive control of our inventory of dog toys. 

Schedule Advisor and Toy Control Manager

Meet the Team

When working from home became the norm, our family animal companions have played a key role in the creative process. My multitalented team is responsible for ensuring a healthy, safe, and productive working environment. Each is dedicated to their job and produce nothing but the finest results.

Let's create together

It's nice to

Learn about my team and I, and let's be pals!